Moms & Babies

Mom and Baby Wellness

The Mom & Baby Wellness Program blossomed from our extensive time spent with mothers and children in medical, therapeutic, wellness and fitness settings. Through years of observation, one consistent trend noticed is that mothers give all of their time to their children and family but typically carve out little time for themselves.  


Our goal is to support mothers by helping them consider new ways to develop a well-rounded family life that includes self-care for mom.  

What to Expect

  • Each Mom-Baby session focuses on exercises and topics related to both mother and baby

  • Prenatal sessions focus primarily on mom-to-be with specialized training in prenatal exercises and breathing to help prepare for delivery and a quick recovery 

  • Postnatal sessions focus on both mom and baby

  • Sessions are 60 minutes in your home with weekday and Saturday availability

Prenatal Sessions

  • Abdominal/Back exercises

  • Pelvic Floor control 

  • Shoulder/Upper back training  

  • "Push"/Belly Breathing exercises

  • Stretching for areas of discomfort

  • Posture assessment/awareness

  • Developmental Baby Product selection

Postnatal Sessions

  • Infant Massage Training-Mom/Baby

  • Torticollis/Flat Head Prevention-Baby

  • Swaddling/Skin-to-skin/Calming-Baby

  • Diastasis Recti Assessment-Mom

  • Abdominal/Pelvic Floor Recovery-Mom

  • Feeding Posture/Back Support-Mom

  • Relaxation/Breathing/Stretching-Mom

Infant Massage

Learn the Art of Infant Massage

"Touch can convey the feelings of comfort, concern, caring, and empathy without the benefit of words".

Infant massage has been a parenting practice across the world for centuries in countries like Uganda, India, Nigeria, Figi, and Venezuela and was eventually introduced to the United States in the in the early 1980s.

As an expectant, new, or seasoned parent, you can learn the rewarding practice of infant massage with our instructors, who are privileged to bring this vital practice to you and your family.   

What to Expect

  • Session taught in the comfort of your home or in a supportive group environment

  • Includes easy to read laminated massage book with 50 pictures demonstrating massage strokes and instructions 

  •  Sweet almond or grapeseed oil (2 oz bottle)

  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor providing instruction

  • Sessions focus on stomach/colic routine, chest, arms, legs, and face

Benefits for Infant

  • Reduces gas, colic, and teething pain

  • Can improve sleep  

  • Helps baby relax from daily stimuli

  • Builds attachment and communication

  • Enhances circulation, breathing, digestion, and musculature  

Benefits for Parents

  • Develops quality interaction time

  • Understanding infant cues

  • Increased confidence and handling skills

  • Helps parents relax and listen to infant

  • Increases bonding and attachment 

  • Reduces parent stress and blood pressure


As a mobile company that brings expert services to your neighborhoods, we are honored to be a part of the community that contributes to your child's development

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