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Parents with Newborn Baby
developmental & safety  Programs

Developmental Screenings

Crib Mobile it typical for a baby to scoot on her bottom or crawl on one knee? Let Alpha Kids Shine complete a developmental screening to check to see how your child is progressing with motor skills.


Sometimes pediatrician well visits can miss key concerns that can be easily resolved with a screening performed by a physical therapist. If your child is found to have delays in development parents can act early in receiving treatment and services.

We utilize standardized screening tools that can assess gross motor, fine motor/adaptive, language, and personal-social development of a child and are happy to provide results to parents the same day.    

Infant Massage Training

Happy Baby

"Touch can convey the feelings of comfort, concern, caring, and empathy without the benefit of words". 


Infant massage has been a parenting practice across the world for centuries in countries like Uganda, India, Nigeria, Figi, and Venezuela and was eventually introduced to the United States in the in the early 1980s.


Now is a great time to learn basic massage skills to help relieve stress or pain from common infant and toddler issues like teething, constipation. Practice side by side with Dr. Chandi to ensure you are applying the correct massage strokes with the right amount of pressure to provide a sense of calm.  

Car Seat Safety Trainings 

baby car seats

Car seats can be confusing, so let Alpha Kids Shine help! Dr. Chandi is a certified child passenger safety technician (aka trained to install car seats) and will happily teach you or check your current car seat.  This service is hands-on for the parents and is meant to empower families to learn safe installation "by doing" it with a trainer by your side. This allows families to feel confident that they are keeping their child safe if an accident occurred.


This safety training is free if you schedule another Alpha Kids Shine service. This service is also free if you go to a  fire or police station but if you want only this service we have a travel fee to come to your home.

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