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High Scool Friends



Alpha Kids Shine teaches kids of all abilities how to be their best. The name originated with the knowledge that all families want their children to be at their brightest and reach their highest potential. Founded by a board-certified pediatric physical therapist, we employ a kid-centered approach.


Alpha | ˈalfə |the first and the brightest star in a constellation

Kids  | kid | children or young people


Shine | SHīn | a quality of brightness; to perform well

What makes us

child Wellness

Children are not smaller versions of adults, so we don't treat them like one. We love having fun and being silly but always value your child as an individual and maintain their safety as our top priority. Because a child's wellness is more than just physical/motor skills we intertwine components of cognitive and social-emotional development in our sessions. 

Current research

 We continuously seek out updated research on childhood development, physical therapy intervention and safety research. We incorporate movement and play-based themes that were published in research as recent as 2018.


Our founder has a doctorate in physical therapy and has a strong background in wellness, brain based movement, and early childhood development.  With board certification in pediatrics and ongoing training and education you and your child are in good hands!


We have long-term commitments to our community.  We provide full and partial scholarships to families with limited resources and volunteer with Special Olympics, NC.


Kids thrive when they are encouraged  to "play, grow, learn.” Alpha Kids Shine blends this lifestyle approach to support your parenting and affirm your child's unique strengths and abilities. The goal of our work is to help all children achieve their fullest potential and truly "shine".

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