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Supporting Families to live a healthy, shining life.

pediatric Physical Therapy

Whether your child was born preterm, recently received a medical diagnosis, or you just want to know if your child is developing on target, we can help. Request a free 15 minute video consultation to determine what may be best for your little one. Dr. Edmonds also consults with families who already have a therapy team but want to get a new ideas and intervention options.

Moms and Babes

Designed to help moms develop a well-rounded family life that especially their own self-care which can include management of our aches/pains from lifting and feeding. For babes, we focus on age appropriate development which can include infant massage training, developmental screenings with activity and toy recommendation and hands-on ways to prevent Torticollis, Flat head syndrome, and Container baby syndrome.

What is Alpha Kids Shine?

Alpha Kids Shine is a lifestyle company that supports the health and wellness of children and their families. With our expert skill and knowledge, we have developed physical activity and movement programs that develop a child's physical abilities while enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Learn more



Dr. Chandi and her team at Alpha Kids Shine are the ABSOLUTE best!  Thank you so very much for your tireless efforts and never ending positive energy.  We are so very grateful that we found you! 


“It's so much more than bike camp...needing more time to teach them, I made one of my best decisions as a parent: I contacted Dr. Chandi and Dawn @ Alpha Kids Shine.”


“I think the time spent with my daughter really prepared her mentally and physically for biking, and she just needed that extra push from non-parent adults."

Supporting Families

to live

healthy, shining life

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